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Pushing Faders: Mixing & Mastering Studio

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Mixing & Mastering Studio | Jacksonville, FL

Ask Anyone in the industry, “What holds independent music back the most?” Their response will be, “Music that has not been professionally Mixed & Mastered.” Bad quality to a consumer either means one of two things; you don’t care (if they can hear the quality difference), or you are not any good*

*People subconsciously perceive the sound of bad quality as bad music

The Art of the Mix

Mixing is all about overall sound quality. A skilled ear is needed to combine all the frequencies, in each individual track, and make them work together. Mixing, at it’s core, is essentially just Compression, Equalization, Reverb, & Delays. Now, most engineers use more than these effects, and that is what gives the song their own personal touch; along with the Amount and style of Compression, EQ, Reverb & Delay they use.

Mixing A Song Cost: $25/hour

Mastering Skill Level: Sensei

Mastering a Song is all about locking everything into place. Making the vocal sit right on the kick drum, and vice-versa. Most people think mastering is about making the song as loud as possible, before it distorts. Well, that is kind of true. My signature Mastering Chain Is set up for quality over loudness (but, boi is it still loud).

Mastering A Song Cost: $20/Song